Posted by: Monika | April 11, 2008

Semantic Web Conference

web 3.0

To all web 3.0 disbelievers it might come as a surprise that this is already the 5th European Semantic Web Conference. Held five days under the Spanish sun, the program consits of two days of workshops and three days of actual conference. Although most of the topics are more technical, it should be interesting for anyone who believes the future of the web will be 3.0. Unfortunately it’s quite costly to attend (prices start at € 500).

What is the Semantic Web, also called web 3.0 anyway?

Besides that it is ‘alive’ (quote from Tom Heath, CATCH Interoperability meeting, March 2008), it is seen as an upgrad of the current ‘social web’, also called web 2.0, that thrives on user generated content. The main problem is that the computer itsself doesn’t understand the content of documents online. Like web 2.0 is a web of documents, web 3.0 is machinereadable web. A very good explanation of the problem and its possible solution is the video of, the beta version of a semantic search engine. In short: it is all about marking up meta data in a way that creates relationships between sets of data. Relationships that can be interpreted by the computer rather than the human searching for information. Like this the machine becomes intelligent. Content already exists on millions of pages, in millions of databases. Now it is about time to deal with its meaning. Content may have been king, contextualization is the future. The future is now!

If you want to get to know more about web 3.0 check this links:
Semantic Web: An introduction
What will be the semantic killer application?
CATCH (Continuous Access to Cultural Heritage) – Cultural Heritage Institutions go 3.0


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