Posted by: Monika | February 29, 2008

Newsletter 2.0

Traditionally, the Book & Byte Master students published a newsletter called Ezelsoor. It’s the Dutch word for ‘ear of the donkey’ but also refers to the damaged corner of a (book)page.

Initially we had intended to revive this newsletter, but somewhere in the mid of January the project died. No one had written any articles. To organize a meeting was impossible, since most of the foreign students went home during holiday. And, quite frankly, we were too exhausted from writing papers to actually produce more long and well researched articles.

On the other hand we have had a very vibrant yahoo-group since the beginning of the study in september 2007. There we discussed the studytopics, organised meeting outside the class and kept each other up to date by posting links to interessting sites. Since the link-posting got wilder and wilder we felt we needed an easier and wider approachable platform than just our closed discussion-group. Also, because on several occasions we found that people would like to get in touch with B&B students more easily and that there is a need to show who we are and what we exacly do.

We found that a blog serves all our needs and offers the possibility for every student to contribute, rather than a few. By the way, that also includes alumni and future students.

Therefore we proudly announce the birth of the B&B newsletter 2.0!



  1. Congratulations with this excellent initiative. May it flourish and do all that you expect of it, and more.

    I do wonder, though, if the demise of Ezelsoor/Dogs’ Ear is a symptom that print is really dying.

    Adriaan van der Weel

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